Thursday, October 28, 2010

Red Nose Studio

Red Nose Studio creates three-dimensional illustrations. Figures and scenes are created and then photographed. Monsters, children, and people both real and fictional are depicted. Atmosphere, color, and texture are used to create the false reality of the image.



Sterling Hundley

Hundley uses a lot of turn of the century imagery in his paintings. figures are used a lot but not necessarily always. colors are muted, blue and orange seem to be favored by the artist. Flattening of space and stylization happens in all.

Lars Henkel

Lars Henkel works in ink, collage, and mixed media to create Dada-like compositions that are influenced by turn of the century imagry. Figures are used a lot, as well as graphic elements and muted colors. dynamic compositions that involve the entire picture plane are used. Space is dealt with abstractly. Hatching is also widely used, as well as plenty of mid-tones.

Alex Gross

Alex Gross paints surreal scenes that usually take place in urban settings. The figure, technology, and the industrial age seem to be of exceptional interest to gross, as well as imagery from the first part of the  20th century. Compositions highlight the figure and the background with many smaller props or characters throughout. Oil painting, collage, and mixed media is used to create realistic but surreal imagery that has a turn of the century feel.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Robert Carter

Robert Carter paints his illustrations, using color and black and white imagery in juxtaposition to highlight important things in the composition and get his idea across. The Subject of his painting is political and social in nature due to his work with magazines and journals. Compositions stay pretty centered overall and he uses a lot of painterly backgrounds that don't necessarily describe a real environment. A stylized, realistic technique with visible brushstrokes is used to depict the subject.