Thursday, October 7, 2010

Metaphor 2

allegory of water - Tlaloc
 Target: water
Source: super human
Tension: everything
Effect: relatable, more understandable, visual cultural identity,

 Gustav Klimt Allegory of sculpture
Target: Sculpture
Source: Woman
Ground: classical form, patriarchal link to inspiration and arts
Tension: living, individual, thought, non-object
Effect: continues patriarchal ideas of woman as inspiration for Male artist, lends mystery and romanticism to artistic process.

 Fritz Lang's Metropolis
Target: society
Source: industrial Utopia
Ground: both involve social structures, both involve people living their daily lives within these structures
Tension: reality vs. black and white silent film. No industrial dystopia. No human like robots
Effect: scary, exaggerated tale gives moral lesson in an exciting context.

Wolf – Tex Avery 
Target: girl crazy man
Source: wolf
Ground: predators, animalistic, wild, uncivilized
Tension: different species
Effect: hilarity

Christoph Niemann
 Target: religion inspired ignorance
Source: blindfold
Ground: deprives one of (visual) knowledge. Allows for subject to be unaware.
Tension:lack of seeing doesn’t mean lack of understanding
Effect: completely visual, visual associations with religious imagery

On Quick Wittedness Thomas Fuchs
 Target: wit
Source: gun fights
Ground: fastest wins, can be painful
Tension: speech vs. violent action
Effect: associations with film/ past experience. Stronger feeling of tension, excitement

Wesley Bedrosian
Target:  chemical farming
Source: beaker
Ground: scientific imagery, involved in science, mysterious,
Tension: satchel and seeds vs beaker and bubbles
Effect: association with classical imagery of farming and science, difference juxtaposes tradition and scientific experimentation.

 Trouble in Venezuela Stephen savage
Target: international relations
Source: apartment building
Ground: global neighbors/neighbors in apartments,
Tension: world vs. local
Effect: reminds viewer of neighborliness on a global scale, with emphasis on repercussions from ignoring neighbors

Target: individuals
Source: government
Ground: government made up of individuals
Tension: lack of essential male, female, and soldier
Effect: exemplification of a group, relatable

Javier Jaén Benavides
Target: false feelings
Source: crocodile tears
Ground: false because of crocodiles’ lack of emotion effected tear ducts
Tension: animal vs. human
Effect: visual representation of words, emphasizes absurdity of words,

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